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Independent Truck Dispatch Services For Owner Operators

Goods Dispatch Services is a truck dispatch company that provides top-notch dispatch services for owner-operators and small trucking companies. We help find the best freight load possible with the highest prices and focus on keeping you loaded on a weekly basis. Our team of 40+ truck dispatchers have been in businesses for over 9 years and know the roads in and out. We know driving is not easy, that’s why our truck dispatchers negotiate the highest rates on your behalf so that you get your money’s worth for all those miles. We handle all truck paperwork and deal with brokers on your behalf so that you stay focused on expanding your business. We’re not looking for short term clients, we are looking for long term partners because we know that your success is our success. Maximize your earning potential with our dispatch services.

We Specialize in

Flatbed/ Step-Deck

If you are looking for a Flatbed/Step-Deck truck dispatcher to manage your flatbed or Conestoga freight, Goods Dispatch Services has you covered. We offer professional truck dispatch services for serious truckers. Reach out to our freight dispatchers.

Dry Van

If you are looking for a truck dispatcher to manage your dry van freight, you’ve found the right truck dispatching company that can help you achieve a peace of mind through professional truck dispatching services. Reach out today. .


If you are looking for a reefer truck dispatcher to manage your reefer freight, our truck dispatchers at Goods Dispatch Services can help you achieve your goals. Reach out today to speak to one of our expert truck dispatchers.

What We Provide

Truck Dispatch Services: Your Dedicated Truck Dispatcher Does All The Heavy Lifting So You Can Stay Focused On Driving

Goods Dispatch Services is a “Full Service” truck dispatching company that handles all of the back-office work so you can compete with the large fleets. Typically, a large carrier would hire somebody to handle all of these tasks, but it is unaffordable for a small carrier, that’s where Goods Dispatch Services comes in to help! Our process is simple, your dedicated truck dispatcher will work with you by your rules. We develop the best lanes that suit your desired schedule, whether you want to be home every night, every other night, or once every 2 weeks, our freight dispatchers work with you to develop a lane that will achieve your target goals.


There are NO contracts. We know that it is difficult to make money and that is why we charge only a small FLAT Fee for any load we find. This is the lowest service fees in the industry. Other dispatchers and brokers charge much higher fees and do not care about the service they provide to their drivers. You may be wondering, what exactly is truck dispatch services? A truck dispatch service helps truck drivers who have their own small trucking company manage the load booking and back-office aspects of running a trucking company. Some dispatchers specialize in solely booking loads, while others, like Goods Dispatch Services, offer a wide variety of services such as invoice management and detention requests.


  • Negotiate Best Rates
  • Carrier Packet Setup
  • Sign & Secure Rate Confirmation


  • Negotiate Best Rates
  • Carrier Packet Setup
  • Sign & Secure Rate Confirmation
  • Personal Dispatcher
  • TONU/Detention Assistance


  • Negotiate Best Rates
  • Carrier Packet Setup
  • Sign & Secure Rate Confirmation
  • Personal Dispatcher
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